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  • Apart from weekly and unit tests, school will conduct two exams in an academic session at regular intervals. It is must for all students to appear in all tests & examinations.
  • Weekly test marks are not added in half yearly or finals, only unit test marks are added.
  • If a student fails to appear in any of the major examination, then he/she may not be considered from promotion to the subsequent class and also he/she will be debarred from securing a rank.
  • If a student fails to appear in any of the unit test/examination even either due to any unforeseen event, he will not be retested.
  • Genuine Medical Certificate must be produced in case the student fails to appear in any examination, either in whole or part, due to ill health.
  • A minimum of 40% is required in all major subjects to get through the paper.
  • If any student is found guilty of misconduct, or uses unfair means to secure good marks, or indulges in any kind of malpractices etc. will be punishable and stringent action will be taken against him/her which may extend even to expulsion from the examination.
  • Weekly test will be held every week to have practice of taught chapters. ( as informed through almanac)
  • Preponement or postponement of written exam will not be entertained for any particular child.

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